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Hitchhiking in China – Very Doable

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Don’t Joke On The Stairs

People: Bugger me down if I haven’t written a new book! Mind you it’s five years since the last one so it’s about time. The launch is soon, and everyone’s invited. details later …

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The Tibetan Plateau

Tibet!!!!! For make no mistake; the little town of Xiahe in Qinghai province isn’t Xiahe in Qingdai province at all, but Sangchu in Amdo, Tibet. The beauty of the place elicited constant “waaaah”s from us, even while doing mundane things … Continue reading

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This Week’s Weirdest Bribe?

Obama, Obama, Obama day and night. Apart from getting a totally undeserved Nobel’s peace prize; I’m really ashamed of my fellow countrymen the Norwegians there (guess how many people on the committee are of “middle eastern descent” though) it seems … Continue reading

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We’re in the midst of a, or should I say the annual, milk powder scandal in China. Unscrupulous baby milk manifacturers are lacing the product with so much poison, children are dropping dead or developing kidney stone. What a perfect … Continue reading

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An Overpriced Experience And A Half

We felt well pleased with ourselves having crossed the Taklamakan Desert, frequently described as “the terrible…” and “the super-dangerous…” without a scratch. When we even found a marvellous Sichuan restaurant in Ruoqiang with two charming young men more than willing … Continue reading

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Weirdiouser and weirdiouser

Yes yes so the Chinese government is worried that foreigners will crawl all over the mainland and infiltrate it with their subversive and misguided, misunderstood and mistaken views and actions. Journalists will pose as hikers and sneak into Tibet, interviewing … Continue reading

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Strange Action By China’s Government – For The First Time! Not!

I can’t understand this last antic of the Chinese government, that of not issuing any multiple-entry visas, not even for permanent residents of Hong Kong, until after the OLYMPICS, (a word that is fast becoming as tedious as the expression … Continue reading

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Free Tibet? Yeah, Right!

Poor Chinese. For years they’ve been helping the Tibetans get rid of their backwardness and smelly culture, showering them with socialism with Chinese characteristics, sending their children, sorry, one child (after they helped them abort in the ninth month to … Continue reading

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Publicity Be Damned

In Hong Kong it is really easy to get publicity. All you have to do is call up for example the South China Morning Post, HK’s biggest (of two) English language newspaper, and say: I had a successful bowel movement … Continue reading

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