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Save A Buffalo Today

It’s time I posted this again; my first real documentary shot not three minutes’ walk from my house. Various villagers and organisations are starting to grumble about cattle again. The main peeve seems to be “they walk across the road … Continue reading

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Become a Buffalomentalist!

Amid the murder and chaos in my home country I thought I should escape for a while, out to the wetlands of Pui O, home of the mighty water buffalo. Kidding, it took weeks to make this film. I hope … Continue reading

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This was the view from my roof yesterday. Ah, what a day! Then this morning: The Weather Is Coming 1 The Weather Is Coming 2 Love it! Clears the air, greens the grass, lifts the spirit. Then throws it into … Continue reading

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Damn Hong Kong

No, no, I like it. Really. But oh, why do people have to arrive and let me meet them and let me really really like them and then leave???  Bye-bye dear Steve and Perry. It was a blast. Damn you, … Continue reading

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Foggy Day In Pui O

Is this a tornado I see before me? Chomp chomp swallow swallow, gotta finish the whole field, crunch crunch, gotta eat everything, chomp chomp Poor Lasi running into the void, never to be seen again

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Pui O Beach At Dusk

“Do they know it’s Christmas time … la la la la, do they know it’s Christmas time …at all”

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Silly Season … With Animals!

The “silly season,”  a time where nothing’s happening and newspapers have to resort to “Cat stuck in tree for several minutes” type of news to sell copies, is called “cucumber time” in Norwegian. For obvious reasons (people use cucumbers to … Continue reading

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Cows’R’Out! (Tracking your tax money part 20000000)

Everybody loves a good fence, and when the erection of fences can coincide with job creation, what could be better? Here’s again an example from formerly sleepy backwater Pui O, now a hotbed of government job creation: Fences, meant to keep … Continue reading

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Lo Dock

Ah, those water buffalo of sleepy backwater Pui O, Lantau Island! They’re a source of daily joy. Or a daily source of joy? Yesterday morning I was treated to the impressive spectacle of their elaborate pre-foreplay, called Get Rid Of … Continue reading

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Home, Home And Arrange

Ah! Back in Pui O where the deer and the … buffalo …? I keep forgetting those songs from primary school. There’s a reason for that. Yes it’s good to be home for one reason: In Hong Kong I never … Continue reading

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