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Untold Mysteries

Sometimes I just don’t know what all of the things in Hong Kong are for… Chair with no seat stabiliser? Cat footbridge? Some people also question what my films are for. Why, to catapult Cantonese to world supremacy of course!

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Disappointing Departure from Ludditehood

The mark of a good holiday is when you bring six books but only have time to read the first two pages of one of them. Bearing that in mind, I still got a kindle for my coming three week … Continue reading

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Become a Buffalomentalist!

Amid the murder and chaos in my home country I thought I should escape for a while, out to the wetlands of Pui O, home of the mighty water buffalo. Kidding, it took weeks to make this film. I hope … Continue reading

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Learn Cantonese – Be a Babe-Magnet! (Norway III)

A new chapter in the saga of the Norwegian TV crew: Here is the presenter Alex, speaking Cantonese for possibly the first time. But anybody would have thought he had been at it for months! You know, we filmmakers have … Continue reading

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Love is a Many-Splattered Thong

Love falls as easily on a turd as on a lily, as we say in Norwegian. But has ah-Mok really deserved to be loved by such a vulnerable and virginal female cousin on the mother’s side? We’ll never know, as … Continue reading

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Somebody Else’s Video!!!!!

Because it’s Friday I decided to do a good deed and let somebody else’s video on my blog for a change. Watch and watch out! When I see and read about what’s happening in Europe, I’m happy to live under … Continue reading

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Youie Tubie

  This episode has been rather long in coming, and probably what people call “random.”  But I’m telling you, budding scriptwriters out there: It’s not always easy to come up with a plausible explanation for what a Public Security Uncle … Continue reading

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Fish Flu

I am now going to plug shamelessly my own Cantonese course again – and that on my own blog! This episode actually happened to me, more or less. Don’t try this at home though! I’ve found that if you want … Continue reading

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The Lovely West

Here’s my first documentary. Part 2 and 3 are to be found close by, at www.youtube.com/cantocourse

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Episode 13: Town geezer and Country Geezer

Ah – Christmas AND new year extravaganzas in one fell swoop. 2009 is looking good so far, what?

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